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Services for individuals, clubs, gyms, medical clinics, and other organizations.

Whether you’re a serious athlete, recreational exerciser, or newly diabetic an individualized nutrition program can provide you the confidence you need to maximize performance, health and achieve body composition goals.

Common Areas Covered in 1:1 Coaching:

Performance Nutrition
Fueling for Performance
Eating for Recovery
Injury Prevention & Recovery
Supplement Usage & Recommendations
Under-fueling/Female Athlete Triad
Vegetarian/Vegan Athletes
Game Day & Tournament Fueling
Pre-diabetes & Diabetes Nutrition
Lifestyle changes for Diabetes Reversal
Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)
Blood sugar management plan
Understanding Blood Work
Understanding Insulin Resistance
Body Recomposition
Muscle Building
Eating for Fat Loss
Meal Planning Made Easy
Macros vs Intuitive Eating
Off Season Weight Gain/Loss
Tracking Body Composition Progress

Who my 1:1 services are right for:

Athletes and health minded people of all ages, competition levels, sports with (or without) chronic diseases (diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney disease) looking to improve their energy, figure out what to eat before/after training, learn how to fuel their sport & life, understand their hydration needs, navigate nutrition related performance issues, speed up recovery, and balance a healthy lifestyle with high performance living.

Below are some unique 1:1 benefits:

– A personalized eating plan that incorporates (performance + mental +  lifestyle factors).
– Expert nutrition coaching calls customized specifically to understand and resolve your health and nutrition issues.
– Constant accountability, regular check ins, & 24 hour message/email response rate 6 days per week.
– Practical routine and movement plan with guidance to create life long habit change.
– Real time blood test and analysis to establish mineral, vitamin, and hormonal baselines to maximize progress and health outcomes.

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