Add more than 10 years with a plant-based diet!

A study recently announced a strong suggestion that men and women in their 20’s could add 10 – 13 years to their lives changing to an “optimized diet” focused on eating less red and processed meat and more fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains and nuts. “According to the study published Tuesday in the journal PLOSContinue reading “Add more than 10 years with a plant-based diet!”

Must Try Caffeine-Free Pre-workouts

Here are 3 products with little to no caffeine that still give a boost of energy. Stopping all caffeine consumption for about 1 week can allow your body’s “adenosine receptors” to reset and allow coffee and other caffeine to work much better!  1. Beetroot juice concentrate Not just your average veggie. One of my favoriteContinue reading “Must Try Caffeine-Free Pre-workouts”

Top 3 Supplements to Optimize Your Health

Let’s start with a question. Why do you take supplements? Everyone has their unique and maybe personal answer. But one thing is certain, we take dietary supplements to improve our health. Our bodies require essential nutrients and cofactors that allow the normal pathways in our body. Essential nutrients are just that, essential for living. CofactorsContinue reading “Top 3 Supplements to Optimize Your Health”

Happy Healthy New Year!

It’s the start of something new! This year has been a roller coaster of emotions and certainly one for the history books. Although a few concepts will remain the same. With 2020 behind us, we begin to look within and reflect. And for many people this means some form of health or fitness goals. NowContinue reading “Happy Healthy New Year!”

DIY “Medicine Ball!”

There’s just something soothing about a warm Starbucks drink during the chilly winter season. And in my opinion, a top contender is the “Medicine Ball” drink. A natural tea mix popular to relieve sore throats or recurrent sinus congestions. This recipe holds a blend of amazing herbs and fruits like mint, citrus, honey, peach, andContinue reading “DIY “Medicine Ball!””