A Registered Dietitian with a passion for performance nutrition, helping people fuel for fitness and fuel for life.

Hey, I’m Andrew. A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in Performance and Longevity Nutrition.

I work as a clinical dietitian for private and corporate medical facilities and operate a private nutrition practice AON coaching.

I received a a Bachelor of Science from California State Long Beach and am a Certified Dietitian Nutrition Coach for over 5 years.

Working in the health and fitness industry for 7 years, I previously served as a clinical dietitian for St. Mary’s Medical, Outpatient Diabetes Centers, as well as Consultant Nutritionist for Anytime Fitness and other private gyms.

I’ve helped hundreds of people of all ages, skill levels, and a wide variety of sports achieve their performance and health goals through individualized nutrition coaching.

I believe you shouldn’t be confused or overcomplicate nutrition to optimize your health, so I focus on delivering evidence-based nutrition recommendations that are easy to understand and apply immediately!

My background in sports are wrestling, bodybuilding, and cycling. I am a fluent Spanish Speaking Provider and proud Latino. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, cooking new dishes my family and staying active lifting weights, swimming or cycling.


My nutrition philosophy is:

“The perfect diet is flexible, adaptive, and fits your personal goals”

I offer 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching, Group Education, Content Development, Meal Planning, and more!

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