Add more than 10 years with a plant-based diet!

A study recently announced a strong suggestion that men and women in their 20’s could add 10 – 13 years to their lives changing to an “optimized diet” focused on eating less red and processed meat and more fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains and nuts.

“According to the study published Tuesday in the journal PLOS Medicine. A man eating the healthier diet from age 20 could add 13 years to his life.

So where do we go from here? Does this mean eating any meat and poultry is harmful? No. no. For starters, the term plant-based means just that “mostly plants”. In this approach meals are typically a larger percentage from plant sources than animal products.

Plant based meals can be very attainable and flexible. For example, a Mediterranean meal might include chickpeas; a Mexican meal might have black beans or pintos; an Asian meal might include edamame; and an Italian meal might use white beans or lentils to make a Bolognese-inspired pasta sauce, etc.

“Eighty percent of chronic diseases we face are preventable and reversible by eating a more plant-based diet. This [pandemic] is a call to action to switch to more plant-based meals and to cook more. They are the two silver linings,” said Dr. Robert Graham, who is board certified in both internal and integrative medicine.

“How to eat less meat and more plants”, CNN

Published by Andrew Ossa, RD

Hello! I'm Andrew, a bilingual dietitian and nutrition coach. I help people discover how to eat for performance and diabetes by building an individualized nutrition and lifestyle plans. My philosophy is based on the concept that food is fuel and heals our bodies from the inside out. Finding a well-balanced diet is much easier than you think. Follow me and my clients as they heal and optimize their health.

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