Must Try Caffeine-Free Pre-workouts

Here are 3 products with little to no caffeine that still give a boost of energy. Stopping all caffeine consumption for about 1 week can allow your body’s “adenosine receptors” to reset and allow coffee and other caffeine to work much better! 

1. Beetroot juice concentrate

Not just your average veggie. One of my favorite alternatives to coffee. Beetroot in a concentrated form can provide your cardiovascular system a source of nitric oxide allowing you to workout longer and improve muscle circulation. Add to your pre workout smoothies or just take it as a morning boost for your day.

Beetroot 10 serving –

Beetroot 20 serving –

2. Quality Beta Alanine + BCAAs

Beta Alanine is a modified amino acid shown to enhance performance and endurance. Take the recommended 3-6 grams of Beta Alanine for an added jumpstart to your workouts. Mix with some branch chain amino acids to enhance flavor for drinkability and intra workout amino acids. BCAAs are present in many sources of protein but great for timing around workouts when you are working out on an empty stomach. Side note a harmless side effect can be skin tingling/itching.

Beta Alanine (unflavored) –

BCAAs (watermelon) –

3. Green Tea 

Now if you’re at the point of total caffeine dependence green tea might be a good start. There is a small amount of caffeine, approximately 25mg or half of a normal cup of coffee. Another great reason to switch to tea is the added polyphenols and clean energy.

Links to the products under each. Take a break and your body will thank you!

Product Links

Beetroot 10 serving –

Beetroot 20 serving –

Beta Alanine (unflavored) –

BCAAs (watermelon flavor my pick) –

Green Tea –

Published by Andrew Ossa, RD

Hello! I'm Andrew, a bilingual dietitian and nutrition coach. I help people discover how to eat for performance and diabetes by building an individualized nutrition and lifestyle plans. My philosophy is based on the concept that food is fuel and heals our bodies from the inside out. Finding a well-balanced diet is much easier than you think. Follow me and my clients as they heal and optimize their health.

2 thoughts on “Must Try Caffeine-Free Pre-workouts

    1. Caffeine in a cup of coffee ranges from a low 60mg for a light roast, to upwards of 140mg for a very dark roast/ higher bean amount used. Average somewhere in the middle 90-100mg per 8oz cup.


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