Top 3 Supplements to Optimize Your Health

Let’s start with a question. Why do you take supplements? Everyone has their unique and maybe personal answer. But one thing is certain, we take dietary supplements to improve our health. Our bodies require essential nutrients and cofactors that allow the normal pathways in our body. Essential nutrients are just that, essential for living. Cofactors such as Vitamin B12 are vital for DNA synthesis and amino acid metabolism. What happens when you don’t replace or get sufficient amounts of these essentials? Vitamin B12 as shown before can show symptoms even at levels only slightly below the normal range.

Am I Deficient?

So how can you keep your basis covered? Continue a well balanced diet with all the food groups; complex carbohydrates, high quality sources of protein and plenty of healthy monounsaturated/polyunsaturated fats with colorful vegetables every day! Even with all our efforts some people can still find themselves short from optimal. Currently there are ways to check your micronutrient stores but they tend to be very pricey. Other than Vitamin D (25-hydroxy Vitamin D) blood test, which many American are deficient, it will be much cheaper to purchase a daily multivitamin and select supplements to keep your body running at its best.

The Top 3

The Foundation (Daily Multivitamin): As mentioned, having a diet with high quality nutrients might not be enough. We could still make a case for a daily multivitamin. Many people struggle to eat perfectly every single day. Your body stores nutrients to some extent but when you’re in a state of stress, injury, or strenuous activity the demands may increase. There can also be certain medical conditions that decrease your assimilation and use of micronutrients such as Gastric Bypass Surgery (Roux-En-Y), gut malabsorption, certain anemias, and pregnant/lactating mothers.

Healthy Fats Support (Omega 3 fatty acids): Were you aware that every living cell in your body, all 37 trillion use omega 3 fats to build their cell membrane? Well how much more do I need to convince you of omega 3 fatty acid importance. There is a careful balance of fats in your body some more pro-inflammatory than others such as omega 6s. These tend to be the highest in standard diets with a ratio of 17:1 omega 6 to 3. We want a ratio 1:4 at a minimum, optimally 1:1 per the research for optimal health. The best and sources are found in cold water fatty fish. These tend to be used for omega 3 fatty acid supplements and the ones I recommend.

Gut Function (High grade Psyllium husk): What’s the word on fiber? Good for bowel movements and occasionally constipation. Well I can assure you high quality fibers will be the new superfood. In the last decade new research on gut biome and immune health has been exploding. Soluble and insoluble fibers make up most of the fiber we consume. Apples and oatmeal are mostly soluble fibers that helps absorb water into our gut and act as a prebiotic that feeds the healthy bacteria. Insoluble fiber from green vegetables, nuts and beans help move food through our digestive system to optimize the elimination of waste products. One of the most effective fibers that provides both of these benefits is high grade psyllium husk. For those with bowel irregularities or diagnosed IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), supplementing with fiber can be a life saver.

*Please consult your physician or registered dietitian when starting a new product.


Published by Andrew Ossa, RD

Hello! I'm Andrew, a bilingual dietitian and nutrition coach. I help people discover how to eat for performance and diabetes by building an individualized nutrition and lifestyle plans. My philosophy is based on the concept that food is fuel and heals our bodies from the inside out. Finding a well-balanced diet is much easier than you think. Follow me and my clients as they heal and optimize their health.

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