Happy Healthy New Year!

It’s the start of something new! This year has been a roller coaster of emotions and certainly one for the history books. Although a few concepts will remain the same. With 2020 behind us, we begin to look within and reflect. And for many people this means some form of health or fitness goals. Now more than ever supporting our bodies immune system is a must. Have you started to work on yourself? Let’s start 2021 with healthy habits that help us for this year and our future.

Step one: Set a long AND short term goals

  • One is not enough. Split up your goal into long term (3 – 6 month) and short term (Weekly to Monthly). And be specific!
  • e.g. I will lower my my average blood sugar (HgbA1C) from 6.0 to 5.5 (3 months). I will log my blood sugar daily before breakfast at 8 am.

Step two: Write down your plan & purpose

  • Have a written plan for success and a cause for doing. This can come in many ways, hand written, checklist, calendar, etc.
  • e.g. Using my phone calendar and alert notification I will set a reminder to check up with my doctor in 3 months for my bloodwork and I will set a daily reminder at 8am “Check blood sugar”

Step three: Gather the right tools to succeed

  • Ever heard of a mechanic with no tools? Neither have I. We can’t expect to be successful without the right physical (cooking, workout, or medical equipment) and knowledge to use them properly.
  • e.g. A must for monitoring and lowering blood sugar is a reliable blood glucose monitor. (Link to a modern and practical glucose monitor that syncs to your IOS device) https://amzn.to/2Lho8ja

Step four: Find support and guidance

  • It’s no secret that having a support system is a major advantage. Find a workout partner, get your family involved or reach to people you trust. There is something I like to call accountability and having another friend can drastically help in the good times and not so great.

Follow my page for more tips and ways to stay on track!

– Andrew Ossa, RD

Published by Andrew Ossa, RD

Hello! I'm Andrew, a bilingual dietitian and nutrition coach. I help people discover how to eat for performance and diabetes by building an individualized nutrition and lifestyle plans. My philosophy is based on the concept that food is fuel and heals our bodies from the inside out. Finding a well-balanced diet is much easier than you think. Follow me and my clients as they heal and optimize their health.

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